Third Traditions LLC
Furthering Cultural Aptitude Through the Study of
Unconscious Bias

"If I ignore them (biases) and believe that I’m acting without them, without looking at them and testing that I’m not, then I could unconsciously or otherwise, be led to be doing the exact thing I don’t want to do…”   Justice Soto Mayor

Providing Educational and Advocacy Services on Critical Race Theory


the Name Third Traditions?

The recovery movement founder balked at inviting people outside of his class, race or gender into his burgeoning fellowship of fraught addicts until an epiphany convinced him otherwise. 

Certain that all groups must be welcomed, he then created a special tenet, the Third Tradition that embodied total inclusion of all people desiring relief from their struggles.  He composed twelve suggested rules to stave off any hierarchical structure in his unique group, however, the Third Tradition best challenged his personal biases.  

Likewise, Third Traditions unveils all our prejudices hidden behind good will and seeks to bring harmony to the cognitive dissonance between good intentions and actual impact.  (Traditions is purposely plural to avoid copyright infringement.)

Third Traditions Basic Definitions

Bias Deniers
People who, despite compelling evidence to the contrary, insist bias plays no part in disparate impact or in disparate treatment.

Tweet Speed
The time it takes for a black suspect’s image to go viral.  

Tweet Worthy
Social Media post are Tweet Worthy when the user captures and shares random acts of kindness; for example, a young person yielding their seat to a senior on the bus.  Tweet Worthy departs from the reflex to publicly shame a person and instead, celebrates the humanity of each and every individual.

Slogans of
Third Traditions

Mob Hysteria

of San Francisco is
a thespian theater
with many melodramatics promoting their cause. 
From the spontaneous dog park on your neighborhood corner
to the sudden hipster infusion at your local coffee shop.
of San Francisco
is a thespian theater
with many melodramatics promoting their cause.

The Revolution Will Not Be Digitized

"The Revolution will not be televised.”  It will not be on a glowing screen.  The revolution will not be digitized.  It will not be on a glowing screen.  The revolution towards a beloved community will be in the eyes of your Black, Brown, sisters and brothers. 
Unplug to plug into the “The Souls of Black Folks.”

"...a great revolution is taking place in the world today. In a sense it is a triple revolution: that is, a technological revolution, with the impact of automation and cybernation...Through our scientific and technological genius, we have made of this world a neighborhood and yet we have not had the ethical commitment to make of it a brotherhood."

1958 quote from Martin Luther King Jr.

Remaining a Awake Through a Great Revolution

Again, the revolution will not be digitized. 

Local Resource

San Francisco Interrupting Racial Profiling

SFIRP Policies
Advocating for local, state, and national policy changes.

Our current focus is on preventing bias by proxy or non-police officer racial profiling “policing” activities. SF-IRP has presented a resolution to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission in February 2019.

SFIRP Mission, Vision, Values Statement

Our mission is to prevent harm, injury, and stigmatization of People of Color channeled through social media or experienced in community life. We know that People of Color are often the most targeted online and we therefore act to interrupt the processes that allow the targeting of People of Color. We seek to honor and embrace People of Color for this population's true character and demonstrated contribution to their community. We know that through unveiling the cloud of online conversations, exposing and mitigating harmful input both here and in our communities, we can create safe and welcoming neighborhoods.

Truth and Reparations

We recognize that traditionally marginalized communities, especially Black people, are the primary target of hate crimes in California, as well as nationally. We therefore seek to interrupt those activities--both online and in our physical communities--that target People of Color with hate and abuse. We seek to offer healing support to those People of Color harmed and injured by abuse through Restorative Justice, calling in willing parties to healing circles for Truth and Reparations, the making of amends. Then and only then will we realize a beloved community.

Challenge Campaigns That Target People of Color

We challenge social/political movements that involve targeting People of Color.  We believe the focus of resistance movements should be fighting at the institutional and systemic levels, rather than targeting individuals, which simply recreates the oppressor/oppressed dynamic. Further, because of the false and misleading stories that fuel the internet, we follow the example of Zoe Quinn: we reject strategies such as hacking, online stalking or doxing tactics. We also reject deliberate intimidation and harassment in real life, as these are some of the very same activities we aim to interrupt and end. Instead, we will surface instances of racial bias and racial profiling and will follow the practice of “calling in” as opposed to “calling out.”

Peaceful nonviolence resistance doesn’t leave anyone wounded in its wake, it takes the moral high ground and leads the way to the moral high ground.  We also follow the example of Martin Luther King Jr. who stated:

“Love is creative, understanding goodwill for all men. 
It is the refusal to defeat any individual. 
When you rise to the level of love, of its great beauty and power,
 you seek only to defeat evil SYSTEMS.

who happen to be caught up in that system, you love,

but you seek to defeat the SYSTEM."



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SF IRP Team Lead/Executive Director

A.R. Jenkins